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All EARS!   



Casa Juan Diego                   


Compassion United is a collection of unique outreach and support programs in Conroe that share a united vision to holistically empower and equip the homeless, impoverished and addicted to discover a new life that will restore their hope and faith and transform their future.

Breakfast in the Park – Outreach program serving food to the poor and homeless

Conroe House of Prayer – Multi-purpose facility hosting church services for the poor and homeless

Destiny Kids – Outreach program for at-risk youth

Freedom House – Men`s transition home

Fresh Start – Empowerment program for people transitioning out of homelessness and addiction

Joyhouse – For women in crisis pregnancy

Terry`s Table Food Pantry – Food and resources distributed to people in need

Hosanna House – Women`s transition home

Compassion Community Care Center – Facilitates medical and community assistance.

These programs are currently housed in several separate small buildings in Conroe.

Miracle City, a one-of-a kind 5 acre development to house many of these programs under one roof, is under construction.  This will improve program effectiveness and reduce cost and staff requirements.


De George at Union Station     


Family Promise of Montgomery County             

Fill the Gap            

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center                          
Blood Drive                                                                


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