Casa Juan Diego

Casa Juan Diego is in a complex just off Washington Avenue and Shepherd Drive in Houston, Casa Juan Diego serves immigrants, refugees and the poor.  For the past forty years, they have provided hospitality in their houses to thousands, served millions of meals to the hungry without asking many questions, purchased thousands of prescriptions for the sick poor, helped refugees travel to their families, assisted hundreds of families of the sick and seriously injured along with offering many other services to the less fortunate.  They fund all their work by voluntary contributions.  There are no salaries at Casa Juan Diego as everyone gives their work as a gift.  All funds received go to the services of the poor.  To learn more about Casa Juan Diego click here.


WCPC supports Casa Juan Diego through the Benevolence budget and provides supplies and volunteer help on an ad-hoc basis.  Watch future WCPC publications and the MOT Bulletin Board for volunteer opportunities.


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