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Peezy’s September/October 2021 Post

Are you a picky eater? I am! And I am not alone, either. You see, many of the critters around us thrive on locally native plants and trees. In fact, some of them cannot live at all without their “native diet.” That is one of the many reasons that we should all plant more natives. Doing so will provide plentiful food for the wildlife around us. And healthy wildlife – like ME! – is critical to maintaining a healthy planet.


Peezy’s July/August 2021 Post

We sure had a cold one this winter – I almost froze! Your gardens may have suffered too. Well, if you purchase new plants to replace your poor lost ones, don’t throw away the plastic pots! Instead, take them to Nature’s Way Resources (101 Sherbrook Cir. 77385). They will reuse them to stock their nursery (which, by the way, is chock full of hearty native plants). Good idea all around!


Peezy’s May/June 2021 Post

What is an aquifer? Well, when it rains, water seeps into the ground and collects in porous rock deep under the surface. That is an aquifer. We can get that water by drilling a well to pump it to the surface. It is like a water bank! When we can’t get enough water from our rainfall, rivers and lakes, we go to the aquifer. But we don’t want to take too much water, because it takes a VERY LONG TIME for the aquifer to refill. So we sure do want to save our aquifers!


Peezy’s March/April 2021 Post

Did you know that when dirt is full of great organic stuff and lots of happy microorganisms, it is called soil? Soil is critical to our health and well-being! Without it, we don’t have healthy plants, or trees or worms or animals or even people! Let’s learn about ways to improve the health of our soil. Our lives depend upon it. My Mom gets really made at me if I say a dirty word. But maybe HEALTHY dirt is NOT a dirty word!


Peezy’s January/February 2021 Post

You know the rules for recycling (what to recycle and what NOT to recycle). Many recycle bins have a list on the lid. What about when you just don’t know if an item should go in the recycle bin? If you don’t know, please put it in the trash. Contaminating the recycling stream can cause huge problems. And you don’t want to be problem causer. So “when in doubt, throw it out.” Thank you.


Peezy’s November/December 2020 Post

Holiday time is coming up, and I sure do like the treats! It is a great time to treat the birds too. You know we have lots of pine cones around here. Pick out one you like and cover it with peanut butter. Then roll it in a dish of unsalted sunflower seeds so that the seeds stick. Hang it from a tree that you can see from a window. Boom – bird feeder! A great source of food for the birds and entertainment for the holidays. Enjoy!