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Peezy’s June 2019 Post

Food cartons come in two types, shelf-stable (juice, milk, soy milk, soup, broth, wine) and refrigerated (milk, juice, cream). They are made of paper, plastic, and sometimes aluminum. These wonderful containers have a great product-to-packaging ratio, and they are specially made for recycling. Really! So rinse them out well and toss into your recycling bin. You are doing a good thing!

Peezy’s May 2019 Post

Entomologist Don Sands says, “Insects are the small creatures that run the world.” Wow! You have heard of the food chain. Well that means the “bottom-up” effect of insect loss is very serious for all living creatures, including HUMANS! A major cause of this problem is pesticides. So let’s all put on our thinking caps and roll up our sleeves to substitute pesticides with more sustainable, practices. Our lives depend on it!

Peezy’s April 2019 Post

Who loves a good rebate? Me! Did you know that The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency will give you a credit on your water bill when you purchase certain rain barrels, rain sensors, drip irrigation systems, smart controllers, and even native plants? They will! Just go to their website to get all the particulars: www.wjpa.org/services/rebates. You will get 50% of the purchase price, up to $150. That’s a lot of green!

Peezy’s March 2019 Post

Have you seen the new blue recycle bins around the church campus? I think they look nice! Maybe the pretty blue color and recycle logo will be a good reminder to deposit ONLY clean plastic and aluminum drink containers and paper. No food. No chocolate cake! No old toothpaste tubes, cigarette butts or broken pencils. That all goes in the trash. That’s it. I’ve had my say. I feel better now. Thank you.

Peezy’s February 2019 Post

Our congregation just took the unusual step of endorsing a bipartisan bill in the U.S. Congress, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. This bill aims to control carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gases. Like the Presbyterian Church (USA) says, “With our concern for the planet goes our concern for the most vulnerable people living on it.” And those are the folks who get clobbered the most by climate change.

Peezy’s January 2019 Post

Always recycle paper, right? Well, not so fast! Did you know that brightly colored paper should not be put in recycle? That is because the dyes in the paper mix with all of the good paper and make the whole batch lower quality. The paper mills don’t like that. We want to keep the recycled product as pure as possible, so that it can be sold. The next time you have some “astrobright” paper, better to throw it in the trash.