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Peezy’s November/December 2022 Post

I’ve gone all in on LED Christmas lights. It saves electricity and money. LEDs are cooler than incandescents, which makes them safer. They last longer, and I can attach 25 strings end-to-end without overloading a wall socket. What to do with my old lights? I don’t want to throw them in the trash, because they contain toxic materials. I will recycle the old light strings at WCPC! That’s a win-win.


Peezy’s September/October 2022 Post

I have a new resolution: Wash dishes to reduce my use of paper and plastic. It’s really not that hard, even for a big group – as long as you have some friends to help! Our church meal gatherings are so wonderful, but we go through LOTS of dinnerware. All we need is a few friends to wash up the dishes now and then, and we can dodge the paper and plastic. Many friends make the work light – and fun! It is a new way of doing things. And new can be good.

Rev. 21:5 – Behold, I make all things new.


Peezy’s July/August 2022 Post

Our scripture for this year is Rev. 21:5 – Behold, I make all things new. That reminds me of rechargeable batteries. Every time your battery runs down you just pop it into the charger, let it go for a while, and ZAM! A new battery! I think it is one way to keep heavy metals out of landfills and water. It is also “easy peezy” and saves money. Seems like a great deal on all counts. I’m gonna do this!

Peezy’s May/June 2022 Post

Rev. 21:5 – Behold, I make all things new. The past few weeks, it seems like we see new growth everywhere. Spring is here! Ya know the new growth I love to see? Berries! Yep, the strawberries have been going strong, and the blueberries will be close behind. And the very best way to enjoy their freshness is to pick them yourself. What a great outing for the family to enjoy together. I think we should all make “pick your own” a habit. Come to think of it, once you try it, you’ll automatically be back for more.


Peezy’s March/April 2022 Post

🎶 The circle of life 🎶 ….I love that song! It

reminds me of all the circles in nature. My favorite is how plants and animals die and decay and eventually turn into wonderful, rich soil that grows more plants and animals. Round and round, just like a circle. Life…growth…death… decay…new life! Let’s all think of ways we can be a part of that amazing process!


Peezy’s January/February 2022 Post

Remember the big Texas freeze we had last year? Wow! That was a KILLER! Well, not completely. You see, most of the native plants survived. In fact, my very favorite Virburnum bush bounced back, and is still there for me. It reminds me to watch for the ways in which the earth renews. I celebrate that! So my New Year’s Resolution is to remember Rev. 21:5 – Behold, I make all things new.