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Peezy’s November/December 2023 Post

It’s almost holiday giving time again.You already know that WCPC Alternative Market gifts give TWICE! That’s awesome. Did you know that some of the gifts are even earth- friendly (consumable, reusable, donation- only, etc.)? That’s giving THREE TIMES! So be sure to visit the Alternative Market on Dec. 2 and 3, and online. Watch your bulletin for more details. ’Tis the season!


Peezy’s September/October 2023 Post

It seems like every fruit or veggie I get has one of those cute little ID stickers attached. I know it is a great thing for the stores. But each little label contains sticker goo and plastic, and they are not compostable. It is sometimes a challenge for my little mantis claws to pull them off. But I am going to persist, because I want to throw my produce scraps into the Zero Waste barrel. And stickers in the Zero Waste barrel is a no-no. I just    Zero Waste!


Peezy’s July/August 2023 Post

Back in April there were some people poking around our church campus. It’s okay – they were doing an Energy Audit. What is that? It is like a checkup at the doc. They looked at how we use energy at WCPC. They examined our records and interviewed our staff. And they found some great ways that we can maintain comfort for our people and at the same time reduce our use of energy. And the bonus – it saves us money!


Peezy’s May/June 2023 Post

What do you do with expired and unused medications? That is a problem, because throwing them in the trash or down the drain can contaminate our environment and water system. I have good news for you! There are numerous drop boxes in our area. Just read the article in the church newsletter to find out how to responsibly dispose of unneeded drugs. Now gather ‘em up, and GO!


Peezy’s March/April 2023 Post

Did you know that over 1/3 of the food produced in the US is never eaten? It is true, and food waste is the single most common material landfilled and incinerated in the country. Wow! That means reducing food waste will not only promote resource and energy conservation but also address the biggie – climate change! I’m going to keep that in mind when I plan meals, purchase food, and when I have leftovers.


Peezy’s January/February 2023 Post

Hey everybody, check out my fancy new water bottle! Not only is it SUPER CUTE, but it is something I can use every day. It goes everywhere with me. I can help cut down on the plastic waste that is contaminating our oceans, rivers and lakes. That is a huge health hazard, and I don’t want to make the problem even worse. So I use my bottle. You should get one, too!