Peanut Butter Factory

The LDS Peanut Butter Cannery, through its partnership with the Houston Food Bank, produces more than 400,000 jars of fresh peanut butter each year. The Food Bank is responsible for supplying volunteers and paying for the peanuts used.  


Volunteers help produce 3,960 jars of peanut butter in each 4-hour shift. Tasks include sorting the nuts, checking lids on jars, operating the label machine, and packing jars in boxes.  For more information on the Peanut Butter Factory, click here.


Annually, WCPC provides volunteers for a half-day of peanut butter making for the Houston and Montgomery County Food Banks, and others across the country.  There are a variety of jobs along the production and assembly line, all with on-site training provided.


Watch future WCPC publications and the MOT Bulletin Board for volunteer opportunities.


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