ALL EARS! Listening and Learning Center (AE) teaches children who are deaf how to listen and speak with the goal of preparing them for mainstream education and lifelong independence in a hearing world. 
AE is the only Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) program in Montgomery County where children who are deaf learn alongside their hearing peers who model spoken language, literacy and social skills necessary for mainstream education.  AE works collaboratively with the Early Learning Program preschool at WCPC for full inclusion of AE children into its typical hearing pre-school curriculum.  For more information about ALL EARS!, click here.
 WCPC provides space on its campus for AE classroom instruction and LSL therapy as well as office space for AE’s team of LSL specialists. 
WCPC also supports AE through the Benevolence budget.  Watch future WCPC publications and the MOT Bulletin Board for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.