Wednesday Morning Study Group



Wednesday Study Group

Begins a new Study on September 12

Reading Biblical Literature: Genesis to Revelation

Lecturer: Craig R. Koester, Luther Seminary

The diversity of material in biblical books like Exodus, Isaiah, Psalms, Mark, and Revelation has prompted people throughout history (from religious scholars to celebrated artists to everyday worshippers) to ponder and debate the meaning of these classic texts. To truly understand and appreciate the Bible’s many perspectives on faith, war, suffering, love, memory, community, and other enduring themes, it is enlightening to use a literary approach to reading and thinking about these separate books.

                • What do you learn when you consider biblical books with a focus on their settings, narrative structures, characterizations, images, and themes?

                • How do various biblical books offer quite different responses to events and issues, challenging readers to think of them in bold new ways?

                • How does this respectful perspective help us better understand the early history of Judaism and Christianity, as well as the roots of religious belief?


36 lessons, beginning September 12

10:00 to 11:30am

Hendricks Building Room 301

DVD-based study

Shared leadership

No charge

Everyone is welcome!


Come join us for some rich conversations.
This is an ecumenical weekly adult study group meeting
each Wednesday in Room 301
of the Hendricks Education Building @ WCPC from 10:00 – 11:30 am.
Discussion leadership is shared. 
For more information, contact the Wednesday Study Group facilitator,
Sylvia Campbell or 281-363-9910.