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Recap of the September Social Justice Forum HUMAN TRAFFICING ISSUES IN PERU  Human trafficking is the defining human rights issue of our time. Moreover, culture is behind the exploitation of humans not only in the U.S., but through- out the world. From their experiences of working and living in Peru, our speakers shared their thoughts about this social problem, how it is handled in Peru and gave us some insight into what the U.S. might learn from the Peruvian efforts.          

Our Speakers Were Rusty Edmundson Sara Armstrong and Rusty Edmondson, who have served in Peru since January, 2009 as delegation and partnership coordinators for the Presbyterian Mission Agency. In their positions, they work with PC (USA) delegations fostering partnerships with our Peruvian covenant partners, the Peruvian Protestant Church and the Joining Hands Peru Network. To find out more about Sara and Rusty, click on the link below:  
Economic Factors:   Rapid economic growth against the backdrop of severe poverty creates an ugly environment in which human trafficking is rampant.  Since the global recession of 2008, illegal gold mining has tripled in Perus, causing severe environmental and human devastation, including human trafficking.  The most impacted area is within the region of Madre de Dios, near the city of Puerto Maldonado.  Click on the following link to follow a team of journalists as they venture into the heart of the jungle where the illegal mining is worst.  Illegal Gold Mining in Peru  
Daniel Papas Daniel Pappas, who served in the Moyobamba office of NGO Paz y Esperanza as a photographer/videographer during the 2015-16 season of the Young Adult Volunteer ( YAV) program. This office works on three projects: 1. They help native tribes win collective land rights to prevent major companies from evicting them from their territories. 2. They teach sign language to deaf-mute children and their parents in the area. 3. They help empower a network of high school students to prevent sex trafficking. He worked on all three of these projects in different capacities (chronicling the natives ongoing legal battles, learning sign language, and photographing high school seminars.) To learn more about his experiences in Peru, visit his blog at: 

Prevention by Education:  Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) is a Non-Government Organization that engages students to teach others how to recognize the risk and how to prevent human trafficking.  Click on the following link to see the curriculum.  Curriculum  


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