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Peezy’s June 2015 Post

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New habits can be good! One habit I have is to pray before meals. But that is easy, since I am a praying mantis – it’s what I do! I am working on a new habit, and you can join me. Here it is: Every time you leave a room, reach over and turn off the light. Yep. It’s not hard to do. It’s just hard to remember. But every time you remember, you save a little bit of energy, and that leaves more for another day. Good idea, huh?


Peezy’s May 2015 Post

Reduce, Reuse and….(do you remember?)… Recycle, no helmet needed! You got it, and this one gets easier every day. Even at the church, where we have recycle bins for you. Glass, aluminum and steel cans, paper of all sorts, and plastics (numbers 1-5 and 7). Just be sure you have cleaned off all the food and sticky goop. It’s not hard. And it helps keep our world a better place to live for you (and also for your very favorite and cute insect). Thanks for listening. See you next month!

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Peezy’s April 2015 Post

CCT Peezy 04-15
Remember what we learned about the 3 R’s? I’m sure you are working on the first one, Reduce. Now let’s get really creative! This one is FUN! Reuse. When you are finished with something you can throw it in the trash or recycle bin. What is even better? Using or sharing it! Make it something new and different that it wasn’t in the first place. And, you can reuse packaging and containers. Your trash may well be someone else’s treasure. All it takes is thinking for a minute before you reach for the trash can lid!

Peezy’s March 2015 Post

Okay, today we learn about Reduce. No, no…not your weight! Your trash. You see, the very best way of living “creation-friendly” is to reduce the amount of stuff that you by in the first place. Yes, this is even better than reusing and recycling! Think about packaging, for example. The mountains of plastic bags that just cart food from store to home. Or single use drink bottles. One use and then BOOM! They are trash. You humans are smart, and I know you can come up with great ways to reduce. Let’s start today!
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Peezy’s Feb 2015 Post

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Today we learn about the 3 R’s: reading, riting and….wait! That’s not it! The 3 R’s I want you to learn today are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Yes! These are all good alternatives to THROW AWAY. You know our landfills are bursting, trash along the roads and sidewalks is bad for humans and animals (like praying mantises!), and too much trash is making us sick. Less trash is a good thing! So watch this space to learn more about the 3 R’s.
Reduce, reuse, recycle…everybody sing!

Peezy’s Jan 2015 Post

Hi humans! This is your new friend, W. C. Peezy. I crawled into this website, and LOVE all the great things going on. Well, I want to be a part of it. So please look for me every month. I’ll have a bit of news or helpful tip about how we can care for God’s creation in a gentle way. So watch for me!

Quick Hint: St. Augustine grass, and most landscape shrubs and trees, go dormant in the winter and do not need to be watered. What a great way to save our most precious resource!