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Peezy’s May 2016 Post

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I am a Texan, born and raised! So I love to see locally grown fresh fruits and veggies for sale. Made in Texas! Did you know that buying locally grown food helps the environment? It sure does! Local produce does not have to travel hundreds, or even thousands, of miles to your table. Travel takes energy and emits carbon. That is causing problems for my family. So give the Farmer’s Market a try. It is a fun way to discover the bounty of our state!


Peezy’s April 2016 Post

When you live in a forest, you sure do have a lot of leaves. I love to play in them! But when it is time to clean off the driveway and sidewalks, I put my broom to work. Sometimes I see others using their water hose to rinse the dirt and leaves. It works, but sure does use a lot of our most precious resource, WATER! So next time you are doing the yard chores, pick up the broom. Added benefit: great exercise!

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Peezy’s March 2016 Post

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My mommy taught me to wash up to keep from getting sick. I’m sure you wash your hands, especially after using the bathroom. Wet. Soap. Scrub. Rinse. Dry. Boom! You did it! At church we have paper towels to dry. Did you know you can dry your hands with just ONE? Who needs more than that? Just let extra water drip off of your hands before you grab the towel. Saves paper! So I say, “Try just one to dry. Give it a try.” Makes me happy!


Peezy’s Feb 2016 Post

I don’t normally get into controversial topics. But here goes! Is it “scratch” paper, or is it “scrap” paper? Any time I see a sheet of paper with a blank side, I jump on it. That blank side is a real FIND! It can be used for all sorts of things. Making lists, taking notes, and even printing out temporary documents. So I never throw away (or even recycle) a piece of paper with a blank side to it. But what do I call it? Hmmm…….Anybody know?

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Peezy’s Jan 2016 Post

CCT 1-16 Peezy

A little swig of coffee in the morning sure gets my antennae perked up! I noticed that WCPC has a coffee bar on Sunday morning, just outside the sanctuary. A great place for visiting, don’t you think? I also saw some ceramic mugs sitting on the counter. Hey, everybody! How about grabbing a ceramic mug instead of a paper cup? Just return it, and that same mug will be washed for use again the next week. Earth friendly, indeed!


Peezy’s Dec 2015 Post

Last week I was happily crawling around the neighborhood, when it started to rain. Boy, I got drenched! Made me wish I had my red umbrella. But wait! Something was not right. It wasn’t rain; it was a lawn sprinkler! What? I didn’t expect that for sure. It is winter, and St. Augustine lawns go dormant. That means they don’t need water. So we can turn off our sprinklers. Great way to save on water, money and unhappy creatures!

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