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Peezy’s November 2016 Post

CCT 11-16 Peezy

Fun facts about worms:

  1. Worms eat almost anything that is not alive.

  2. Worms loosen the soil, admitting air and water to help roots grow.

  3. Worm poop is wonderful fertilizer, rich in nutrients that plants need.

  4. Use of synthetic fertilizer will make worms sick, and they will flee from your yard.

  5. This worm, named Willie, is my best friend!


Peezy’s October 2016 Post

We say, “That’s water down the drain.” But where does it go? Well…it is a long story. But eventually the treated water ends up in our lakes and streams. And with it an awful lot of gunk. Gunk that can kill some of your favorite creatures, like ME! You see, water treatments systems remove organic waste. But not chemicals. So please dispose of cleaners, oils, pool chemicals, pesticides, solvents and such at the Pruitt Rd. Recycling Center. Thanks, everybody!

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Peezy’s September 2016 Post

CCT 9-16 Peezy

Did you know that you can help build Veggie Village’s compost pile? Just visit the WCPC kitchen, and see a container like this one (either on the counter or in one of the silver refrigerators). Bring us your fruit and veggie food scraps (and coffee grounds), and stow in the frig. We will see that it is turned into BLACK GOLD to make the gardens thrive. Just remember: no meats and other food products, just fruits and veggies. Yep!


Peezy’s August 2016 Post

The Woodlands is a great place to be. One reason is that we have lots of TREES. Did you know that trees are some of our very best friends? Of course they provide shade to cool us. But they also provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. They reduce soil erosion and increase groundwater recharge. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses from the air and release oxygen. One large tree can supply a day’s supply of oxygen for four people (and who knows how many praying mantises). I guess you can call me a tree hugger!
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Peezy’s July 2016 Post

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🎶 It’s not easy being green….🎶
That’s what Kermit sings. But he doesn’t know about The Woodlands GREEN. G.R.E.E.N. stands for The Woodlands GrassRoots Environmental Education Network, and it’a an awesome organization, doing tons of good things for our environment. To learn about their great work (and even to join them), just go to www.thewoodlandsgreen.org. It’s easy!


Peezy’s June 2016 Post

Some people think “recycled toilet paper” is a hilarious joke! Ha ha. I, on the other hand, think it is a GREAT IDEA! Not only does the use of “post-consumer” paper products save trees (yay!), but their production requires less toxic chemicals. That’s a double win for all of us. So we can do TWO things: faithfully recycle all of our paper, and purchase new products made from used paper. Sure keeps the trees happy!

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