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Peezy’s December 2017 Post

The perfect Christmas gift. What is it? Well, I have a great idea for you. It is called a Do Together Gift. When you replace a “thing” gift with a Do Together Gift, you have the fun of spending time with the people you love. What is something that you would like to do with a family member? Write it on a card, and give that as your gift. You cut down on clutter and more stuff. And you give the very best gift of all: YOU!


Peezy’s November 2017 Post

Nine year-old Milo Cress has alerted us to the damage plastic straws do to our environment. Wow! Smart kid! He loves wildlife and sea life so much that he has started a campaign to reduce their use. Do you always need one? No. But you probably always get one. So this is a shout out to support a “straws upon request only” policy at your favorite restaurant.That will go a long way toward cleaning up our beautiful earth!


Peezy’s October 2017 Post

I am going to be a vampire for Halloween! That reminds me of “energy vampires,” those evil ghouls that suck electrical power from your appliances when you aren’t using them. How to defeat them? Unplug when not using your devices (power strips make this easy), set electronics to low power or sleep mode whenever possible, and when upgrading always choose ENERGY STAR. Together we can save lots of watts!


Peezy’s September 2017 Post

Texas, our Texas! What a wonderful place to live. I am a native, you know. And today I want to celebrate all of the natives! Did you know that planting native trees, bushes and flowers in your yard is a HUGE benefit to our state. The natives save water and nurture the living landscape for birds and other local animals. They love on our state! If you want to see some good examples, just drop by the WCPC Prayer Garden.


Peezy’s July/August Post

Today I am going to talk trash. Yes, garbage is something that we just want to ignore. Toss it and forget it! But did you know that you can inventory your trash, for a kind of “life habits” measurement? What items are in your trash? Weigh a weeks’ worth of routine trash occasionally. Is your household reducing waste or increasing it? Knowledge is power! What is your trash telling you?


Peezy’s June 2017 Post

Paper or Plastic? Does this question make you pause? Well, it should, because it is not easy to answer. It turns out, there are environmental costs to either choice. So the answer may depend upon what you plan to do with the bag after using it. Choose the bag you would reuse and/or recycle responsibly. Maybe the better question from the checker would be, “Do you have your own bag?” You know the answer to that one!