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Peezy’s June 2018 Post

Did you know that my mantis friends and I are carnivores? We eat spiders, frogs, lizards, and even small birds.You humans, on the other hand, are omnivores, so you have more choices in what you eat. Did you know that cutting down on beef is a great way to help the environment? Beef production takes a HUGE toll on our planet. So when you choose what to eat, your wise choice can really make a difference!


Peezy’s May 2018 Post

I love to sing in the shower! But I sure do see a lot of water going down the drain. Seems like a waste. I heard about a great way to save precious water. Install a high- efficiency shower head! Yes, it will cost a little, but you make that up in only a few years. And, best of all, you get just as clean with HALF the water! Half! I like that.

🎶 Rubber Duckie, you’re the one…. 🎶


Peezy’s April 2018 Post

The best soil around us contains about a gazillion living creatures called microbes and macrobes. The microbes are too small for us to see. But macrobes are bigger, like me! Some macrobes that are good for soil are beetles, centipedes, ants, burrowing frogs, and earthworms. They are “beneficial.” In fact, did you know that I am considered a “beneficial” insect? That makes me proud!


Peezy’s March 2018 Post

The good: Chlorine helps keep our drinking and swimming water safe. The bad: Chlorine released from manufacturing enters streams and lakes. The ugly: The resulting chemicals are persistent and toxic to both people and wildlife. What to do? Look for unbleached products in the store. These go way beyond paper and flour and toilet tissue. Just look! How many different unbleached products can you find in your store?

Peezy’s February 2018 Post

I don’t know how old I am. But I do know that I am likely to be jumping around and eating bugs for a year or so. That’s NOTHING compared to plastic! Did you know that plastic stays around for up to a thousand years! Wow! That means every plastic bottle or cup that we throw away just stays and stays. No wonder our landfills are getting full and our oceans are filling with plastic debris. Something to think about.


Peezy’s January 2018 Post

I sure like being with my friends! And I found a way to spend even more time with them. What is it? Carpooling! Yes. If we are going to the same event, I pick up the phone and ask, “Do you want a ride?” They almost always say, “Yes.” And there we go. We have fun at the event, and we have fun riding there and back. And, guess what? We save gas, and we save on air pollution. Wins all around!