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Peezy’s January 2019 Post

Always recycle paper, right? Well, not so fast! Did you know that brightly colored paper should not be put in recycle? That is because the dyes in the paper mix with all of the good paper and make the whole batch lower quality. The paper mills don’t like that. We want to keep the recycled product as pure as possible, so that it can be sold. The next time you have some “astrobright” paper, better to throw it in the trash.

Peezy’s December 2018 Post

Microbeads are common exfoliants, so you will find them in many skin care products. They do an okay job, but at a very high cost. You see, microbeads are so small that they pass right through water purification filters. And they are very good at absorbing toxins. So these little carriers of yucky stuff end up in the oceans and into our seafood. That’s good reason to stick with natural exfoliants. I know I sure will!

Peezy’s November 2018 Post

Fa la la la la! Time to dust off the Christmas decorations. This year I’m putting up LED lights. It will save electricity and money. And there are other benefits. LEDs are cooler than incandescents, which makes them safer. They have epoxy lenses, so they are sturdier. They last longer. I can attach 25 strings end-to-end without overloading a wall socket. And I will recycle the old broken ones at WCPC!

Peezy’s October 2018 Post

Can we talk about dryer lint? Sounds like a nothing topic, doesn’t it? But clearing the clothes dryer lint trap before every load is very important. Not only can it prevent an appliance fire, it keeps your exhaust vent clear (and saves expensive clean-outs). Also, your dryer will run more efficiently with a clean lint trap, and that saves energy and money and reduces air pollution. See? Talking about lint is important after all!

Peezy’s September 2018 Post

Ed Thorney was a long-time member of WCPC and a man of great wisdom. Today I want to share a quote that Ed loved.

“Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without.” (Boyd K. Packer)

Sounds a bit old school, doesn’t it? Maybe so, but I think we could gain a lot by paying attention to this advice.


Peezy’s July/August 2018 Post

Did you know that food waste is the #1 material sent to landfills and incinerators? It is. And then it breaks down and produces methane, one of the greenhouse gases. So reducing food waste is a really good way to help our planet. (And our little green crawly friends, too!) Here is Peezy’ s brilliant idea: eat leftovers! Wow, what a great plan! You help your food budget and our fragile planet at the very same time!