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Peezy’s July/August Post

Today I am going to talk trash. Yes, garbage is something that we just want to ignore. Toss it and forget it! But did you know that you can inventory your trash, for a kind of “life habits” measurement? What items are in your trash? Weigh a weeks’ worth of routine trash occasionally. Is your household reducing waste or increasing it? Knowledge is power! What is your trash telling you?


Peezy’s June 2017 Post

Paper or Plastic? Does this question make you pause? Well, it should, because it is not easy to answer. It turns out, there are environmental costs to either choice. So the answer may depend upon what you plan to do with the bag after using it. Choose the bag you would reuse and/or recycle responsibly. Maybe the better question from the checker would be, “Do you have your own bag?” You know the answer to that one!


Peezy’s May 2017 Post

Did you know that some consumers make buying choices partly based on the packaging? Yes, because sometimes what they see is just too much waste! Suppliers are beginning to pay attention, and many products are now packaged more sensibly. But we have a long way to go. So the next time you shop, take a look at the package that your item comes in. Will that weigh in on your decision of which item to buy?


Peezy’s April 2017 Post

This is my friend Billy Bee. He and his cousins are super heroes for humans (and insects!). You see, these little buzzers are responsible for pollinating over 40% of the food we eat. So they are important little workers. We must not let them die out! Yes, they have stingers. But if you don’t bother them, they will mind their manners around you. So let’s give a big shout-out to Billy and his hard-working friends in the field!


Peezy’s March 2017 Post

Coming in April: the second annual nature- inspired Art Show. This year the theme is “Everyone’s Environment.” It is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of God’s creation into our sanctuary building. I love the way our own WCPC artists give me a new perspective on the world around me. So, all you artists and artist-wannabes: time to put those creative hands to work. Every piece is important to fill out our gallery. Maybe I’ll see you there, so watch your step!


Peezy’s February 2017 Post

Have you met your pathway? I LOVE the one near my tree! You see, many of us live near the 160-mile Woodlands Hike and Bike Trail system. How awesome is THAT?! We can enjoy all the benefits of outdoors, fresh air and exercise to get where we need to go. School, shopping, lunch, and maybe even church! If you have not been out there, why not try it? Time to introduce yourself: HELLO, PATHWAY, nice to meet you!

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