Promise Gift Basket


Geese, ducks, chickens and rabbits are included in this package, which gives struggling families the promise of a secure future. Your gift also includes training on how to properly care for the animals. The Promise Gift Basket:

  • Provides income by supplying eggs and other goods to sell
  • Sustains families with nourishment from protein
  • Allows families to Pass on the Gift quickly, lifting up communities

The money earned from selling the goods produced by this gift will pay for better housing for a woman needing to find decent shelter for her poor family, as well as school tuition and supplies for her children. And it will enable her to Pass on the Gift quickly, securing the promise of a better future for her entire neighborhood.

Honor Card


Heifer International works to end hunger and poverty in partnership with the communities that they serve. Their programs support entrepreneurs around the world, creating lasting change from the ground up. It begins with a seed investment of livestock or agriculture, followed by mentorship to help project participants build a business, and ultimately to gain access to supply chains and markets. These families are able to earn a living income and continuously lift up their communities as they train the next generation of leaders. By supporting and training the world’s farmers, ranchers, and female business owners, they’re investing in a new breed of success.