Sicuani Bible Seminary Bag of ConcreteSicuani Bible Seminary Bag of Concrete

Bag of Concrete for Men’s Dormitory


Buy a bag of concrete to be used to complete the construction of the men’s dormitory at the Sicuani Bible Seminary.

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Sicuani Bible Seminary, located in the Peruvian highlands, is the only school related to the Evangelical Church of Peru (IEP), which educates Christian leaders in Quechua for service to hundreds of rural churches in the southern Peruvian states of Cusco and Puno. WCPC has helped support a variety of facility improvement projects on the seminary’s campus over the years including a new kitchen, dining hall and women’s dormitory. Recent construction efforts have been aimed at building new classrooms. With these rooms almost complete, focus has now turned to building the men’s dormitory overhead on the second floor.