2021-22 School Year
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ELP sets itself apart from other Woodlands preschools by providing unique Special Events throughout the year.  Although classroom preparation is an important part of our curriculum; we believe that children need experiences to enable them to apply what they learn in the classroom and allow them to excel in their understanding and application of their knowledge.
From the day a child is born, pathways (Brain Plasticity) are being built and changed constantly.  It is difficult to determine a child’s Cognitive Learning Style (Analytic or Global) and a child’s Learning Preference (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic) at an early age.  Our unique mix of classroom curriculum and special events give every child, regardless of learning style, the opportunity to begin to build pathways that allow them to effectively apply the classroom knowledge to real life experiences.  Creating complex pathways early makes way for children to transition from the simple preschool curriculum to the more complicated Elementary, Middle School and High School Curriculum.


The children see it as simple fun, parents see it as a mess, but we see it as SQUISHING, SQUEEZING, POURING, FEELING, SMELLING.  A child must experience objects before they can learn what they are.  This is our first activity of the school year to begin building those brain pathways as building blocks for the rest of the year’s curriculum.


We don’t live on this great earth alone.  God put us in charge of the animals, so we like to introduce the  children to some of them.  After the petting zoo, when we read a book about a rabbit or a goat, the children KNOW what that animal is: how it feels, smells, moves, etc.  Children can only build a comprehensive understanding by using all their senses.


We focus on Jesus & spiritual growth at ELP.  What can be more important than family, sharing and learning about God and all he provides?  Based on the Bible story in Matthew 14 where Jesus miraculously feeds thousands, the ELP staff performs a skit focused on sharing.  The skit gives the children real-life visual and auditory experiences in order to reinforce how God always provides.


December is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus.  The children listen to how it happened and who was there.  Here at ELP, we bring stories to life because children use sensory experiences to learn about their environment.  We talk all about the birth of Jesus in Chapel. Allowing the children to experience how the Wise Men rode in to see Jesus, they remember this important event.   


Here in Houston we only get two months of cold, so we like to celebrate the lower temperatures at ELP.  Sledding and snowballs are popular this month.  Parents are welcome to participate with their children and show them how fun snow can be.  Come build a snowman and ride a sled down our ramp.  


What says Houston more than Rodeo.  This month we bring out the lasso and the cowboy hat to celebrate all that is Houston.  Milking the cow, branding the bulls, and lassoing the calf are a few of the activities you may see the children participating in.  Don’t be surprised when you hear a popular country song and the teachers doing the 2-step.


Spring in The Woodlands!  Pull out your child’s RIDE, air up the tires, grease the chain and put on your helmet cause we are Ridin’ like the Wind this month.  ELP doesn’t have any TVs, so the children get outside and move.  Parents are encouraged to be the PIT CREW for their kids as they race around on their souped up, kid-powered, bike, trike, big-wheel, scooter or any other manual vehicle.


NEW LIFE!  We celebrate all life God has given us this month and the children are up to their ankles in this celebration.  Our Spring Fling brings the children into our side yard to experience NEW LIFE.  Flowers, Lady Bugs, Worms, Tadpoles and anything else our amazing teachers come up with.  Smiles abound as your children play games with their friends and learn about God’s glorious world.


When we say ‘WET’ we mean it!  In Chapel children learn about Noah’s Ark and the rains.  Children need a bathing suit this month.  That’s not enough!  GOOEY & MESSY!  Along with the suit, children need extra clothes because they play with PAINT in the side yard.  OMG!!! – Pendulum paint, Sling-Shot paint, Splatter paint, and more.  Even Shaving Cream shows up to excite their little fingers.  Come out and watch the activities.

ELP’s Special Events

Sensory Days
Fall Festival and Petting Zoo
Thanksgiving “Big Picnic”
Live Nativity
(Camel and Donkey Rides)
Snow Days!
Go Texan Days
Road Rally
Easter Spring Fling
Wet Art in the Park
Enrichment Program
It is a rich science-based, hands-on Christian curriculum loaded with activities to provide the children with opportunities for creative exploration and expression, cooperative learning and individual growth. 
<>     Building & Trees
<>     Plants & Insects
<>     Earth & Dirt
<>     Water Cycle
<>     Human Body & Digestion
<>     Bubbles & Crazy Science
<>     Rockets & Planets
<>     Crazy Engineering
<>     Tools & Technology

    ELP is a developmentally appropriate plan and Christian learning environment, which nurtures young children’s social, emotional, physical and spiritual cognitive development.  You will find our facility to be open and bright, while at the same time, safe, clean, warm and comforting.

    We believe the most important benefits a child can gain from our ELP are as follows:

  • A positive self image
  • Confidence by experiencing success
  • Experience in social interactions
  • Love and appreciation of family and the Lord.
Play, Learn and Travel!  Everyday is a new day and you get to enjoy your little human that God created special for you.  Show them one thing new everyday about the amazing world we live in.  Inside the house, outside the house, in the waters, in space.  There will never be a day you can’t find something they don’t know about.  Instill in them to never stop learning and that learning can be fun.
Your children are watching you every day and learning how to be an adult from you.  You teach them by what you do AND what you don’t do.  God, through Jesus, gave us Grace because He knows we are imperfect and we will make mistakes.  God wants us to raise our children the same way.
Babies are a blank canvas.  During their years, that canvas is filled with the colors of experiences of their life which turns into a beautiful picture when they are grown.  What colors are you going to give your children this summer?
ELP’s Annual Night Tree Event
The Early Learning Program
of The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church
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