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Teaching students to think ‘outside of the box’ causes them to approach tasks differently. They learn to be creative by utilizing a wide variety of thought processes and skills throughout a classroom day.


When combined with science, mathematics and technology-based topics, students learn to tackle tough subjects with self-assurance.


Learning new skills, whether technical or artistic, teaches students to approach new, potentially challenging situations with a positive attitude.


STEAM classrooms are highly collaborative, with students working together to grasp new information using multiple access points. 
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Every parent wants their child to grow up and be the honor student, the one that gets the best grades in school and graduates early.  But, there is more to growing up than being successful in school and getting good grades.  Kids grow up and need to make decisions that can affect the rest of their lives.  The ability to have sound, practical judgement concerning everyday matters (Common Sense) is something that can be taught and practiced.  ELP created the STEAM program to assist parents in the development of the Common Sense skill. 

Kids are like sponges and will learn by instruction, example, and practice.  The earlier a child begins to gather options and make decisions, the more time they will have to develop good Common Sense.  The ELP STEAM program is designed to introduce students to as many subjects as is reasonable, but more importantly to ask questions about those subjects.  The STEAM curriculum is created to prompt students to answer questions, which means sometimes being wrong.  The teachers at ELP know that every child develops differently, so coming up with the wrong answer allows the children to learn to keep trying.  They will learn to reassess and make a better choice next time.  We want to teach kids that to make a mistake is okay, but not to give up.
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Enrichment Program

S.T.E.A.M is a class for Pre-K and Transition children. It is a rich science  based, hands-on Christian curriculum loaded with activities to provide opportunities for creative exploration and expression, cooperative learning and individual growth. 
          <> Building & Trees       <> Plants & Insects          <> Earth & Dirt
     <> Water Cycle         <> Human Body & Digestion  <> Bubbles & Crazy Science
       <> Rockets & Planets        <> Crazy Engineering       <> Tools & Technology
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The Early Learning Program
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